Gator Hydroponics has long and full roots, dating as far back as 2001. With over fourteen years of hydroponics knowledge and expertise, we’re your best source for the facts and instructions on how to use hydroponics successfully. You probably didn’t know this but we are the areas only locally owned and operated hydroponics store. It’s such a privilege to provide to our local community the services and Springs Picmerchandise needed to be truly self sustainable. When you shop with us, know that all the money spent here is kept here in this community. We try to use only locally owned distributors of services and merchandise for our hydroponic store. Even the hard working owners of Gator Hydroponics, LLC graduated from the University of Florida, hence the name Gator Hydroponics. We’re so very proud of our community and heritage that we plan to be here for many years to come.

If you have a few minutes out of your day come by and visit us. If we had to describe our philosophy it would be centered in one word, “Courtesy.” And this term can be applied to the way we recycle our shop waste to the diligent stewardship of the hydro shops deeply loyal customers. Deep down this shop is free of all stigmas and truly represents Gainesville and the Gator Nation. We strive to hire University of Florida students to help us maintain the shop; looking to give back to those who need the extra money to pay for their schooling is very important to us; so when you shop here know that your money is going to help the next potential Einstein buy his books or pay for his tuition.

We’ve worked with the University of Florida on many occasions, as well as the Florida Department of Agriculture and local public schools to develop teaching programs for their students. We’re always excited to help our local schools teach the youth of this community about the joys of growing beautifully delicious fruits and vegetables. Come support a great hydro shop and at the same time give back to the greater Gainesville community.