Nutrients come in organic and synthetic varieties and are available in both liquid and dry form. Nutrients can be separated into two categories, macro and micro nutrients. The macronutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. The micronutrients or trace nutrients include iron, manganese, boron, zinc, copper, molybdenum and chlorine. If the nutrients are deficient or abundant you may see burning, yellowing, or curling. You do not want to over or under fertilize. Most fertilizers will have an N-P-K (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) on the front of the bottle. In the vegetative phase the “N” will typically be higher. In the bloom phase the “P” will be higher. Potassium “K” is called the regulator of plants. Often called potash, potassium helps plants use water and resist drought. Potassium is important to food crops and enhances the size of fruits and vegetables. You may also consider adding supplements or additives into your nutrient mix. These additives can increase size, flavor, and aroma. When used together nutrients and supplements will help your garden reach its full potential. For more detailed instructions please visit our store in Gainesville, FL. Our highly trained staff can point you in the right direction.


How important is pH in hydroponics?

Controlling pH is very important in hydroponics. Plants lose the ability to absorb the nutrients needed for growth when pH is not balanced. To be successful in you must be able to accurately test the pH levels in your reservoirs and hydro systems. I recommend buying pH and PPM testing equipment before you buy anything else. Trust me, you will waste your time if you don’t. In hydroponics you need to know what the pH is otherwise your going to waste your money because the plant will not be able to absorb the nutrients your feeding them. Come buy our store for a free demonstration on how to test the pH and PPM (Just in case you don’t know what PPM stands for. Its sort for Parts Per Million.) Testing pH in hydroponics is as easy as combing your hair. If you need help, please come by our super awesome hydroponic wholesale store in Gainesville Florida.


What is the difference between hydroponics, organic and soil based fertilizers?

Hydroponic fertilizers and those intended for the use in soil contain the three major nutrients. The three majors are Nitrogen, soil-mediumPhosphorus and Potassium. What makes hydroponics great is that it combines other micronutrients to help the three majors do their job better. This is only possible with hydroponic fertilizers. In soil the plants must search for the nutrients they need but in hydroponics these super nutrients are provided directly to the roots. This allows the plants to use less energy to find the food they need, then they can spend that energy on growth and higher yields. Hydroponic fertilizers are great and easy to use. Just come in our store in Gainesville Florida and we will show you exactly what you need to be successful. Our store only sells perfectly engineered hydroponic fertilizers making them fool proof. This all may sound difficult but we can help you, come by our hydroponic wholesale store in Gainesville Florida.