Gator Hydroponics is your

 Hydroponics Dealer in Florida 


We’re local to Gainesville but server all of Florida as one of the premier hydroponics dealers in the State. We specialize in giving you the highest quality for the best price. We carry all major brands and can take special orders of any size. Our store is filled wall to wall with only the best equipment in the hydroponics world. Our seasoned staff is dedicated to making sure you come home with not only great equipment but the know-how to use it to its maximum potential.



We are CANNA’s only locally authorized dealer. And proud to be so. If you’re looking for the most productive system given your wallet and growing space, come by our store and see all the options available.



Our highly trained staff can help you with your  Hydroponics project from start to finish. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced gardener, we are fully committed to seeing you succeed and maximize your potential. We’re only a quick drive away or available anytime online or over the phone – and we’re well worth it. Our hydroponics wholesale store can fit any hydroponic need you have. We understand every aspect of our industry and can provide you with the most economical system possible.


We Carry all major brands including

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Sunlight Supply









and many, many more