What is an Aeroponics systems?

Aeroponic systems in hydroponics is best used for growing new clones or cuttings. Our store in Gainesville Florida can help you choose the right one. This system uses sprayers to mist the plant roots with nutrient rich water instead of submerging the roots into water. This allows the greatest amount of oxygen contact with the roots while still allowing nutrients to be delivered and absorbed by our plants thirsty roots. This type of hydroponic system was invented in 1983 by Sir, Richard Spooner and has become a successful way of growing a wide range of crops including seed potato production, tomato production, leaf crops and small salad leaves. NASA has a lot of interest in this type of system because managing a mist is much easier to do in zero gravity than managing liquids. This is the type of system that future space voyagers will use to grow in space. This hydroponic system is very affective however its one of the most expensive to build and maintain because of the complex misting systems. The best way to understand this system is come by our cool hydroponic wholesale store in Gainesville Florida.