What is the difference between hydroponics, organic and soil based fertilizers?

Hydroponic fertilizers and those intended for the use in soil contain the three major nutrients. The three majors are Nitrogen, soil-mediumPhosphorus and Potassium. What makes hydroponics great is that it combines other micronutrients to help the three majors do their job better. This is only possible with hydroponic fertilizers. In soil the plants must search for the nutrients they need but in hydroponics these super nutrients are provided directly to the roots. This allows the plants to use less energy to find the food they need, then they can spend that energy on growth and higher yields. Hydroponic fertilizers are great and easy to use. Just come in our store in Gainesville Florida and we will show you exactly what you need to be successful. Our store only sells perfectly engineered hydroponic fertilizers making them fool proof. This all may sound difficult but we can help you, come by our hydroponic wholesale store in Gainesville Florida.