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Gainesville Hydroponics is committed to providing our customers with the very best products and services when it comes to anything to do with personal home or commercial hydroponic growing operations. We are totally devoted to helping those interested in developing new and interesting ways to protect our environment and food production capabilities using hydroponics. Our locally owned and operated store in Gainesville Florida is very unique by providing a much needed service to our community. We believe that the future of food production rest in our hands. Please come by our hydroponic wholesale store in Gainesville Florida for help with anything to do with Hydroponics. We can help educate you on which system is best for you. Only our highly trained staff can point you in the right direction. There’s a reason one of our best clients is the University of Florida. Come see why.23 Inside Store Pic

Don’t know which system to use? Our highly trained staff can point you in the right direction. Don’t get scammed by those other guys who only want to make the sale. We care about our customers so much that we guarantee our advice will work. Once you speak with one of our associate’s you’ll understand that we know our business very well. We understand and sell every type of hydroponic system available; this provides you with a free resource to make the most economical decision possible. We are also the only authorized dealer of most systems and fertilizers.
We are proud to be Canna’s only locally authorized dealer. If you’re looking for the most productive system given your wallet and growing space, come by our store and see all the options available.
Gainesville Hydroponics
Don’t have a lot of money to spend? We can help you put in the most economical hydroponic system available. We have live displays to show you all the options. Hydroponics can be a low-cost way to grow your favorite fruits and vegetables once your set up with the ideal system given your needs. Come by our special hydroponics wholesale store located in Gainesville Florida for help. We know that we can help you. Did we mention that we also have a wide variety of used equipment available for you?

Are you having problems with your current system? Then you’re in luck because the best part about our locally owned hydroponic store located in Gainesville Florida is that we know how to solve problems. You’ll quickly realize that were no joke, when you’re looking for straightforward solutions then come see us now. We have over fourteen years of experience with hydroponic systems and only our dedicated staff can point you in the right direction.

We accept cash, checks, money orders and most major credit cards and we’re committed to keeping our customers happy. There are multiple reasons why some of our loyal customers travel hundreds of miles to shop at our store, with quality of our products and services being the first.

We’ve invented a new way of doing business, come see us.